Chart of the Week February 11, 2022: Working from home (WFH) in a small urban labor market


Working from home (WFH) in a small urban labor market. When do employees get to WFH and what type of employees get to do it?

This week’s Chart of the Week sheds light using millions of text data from job postings in Singapore (courtesy of our partner JobTech). A simple string search to identify WFH jobs reveals a distinct upward shift coinciding with the onset of COVID-19. These job posts mention relevant terms such as “remote work” or “work* from home”.

Our analysis of trends further reveals spikes in WFH jobs when the government announces that WFH remains the default as the city exits lockdown. Summarizing the job descriptions reveals subtle differences for WFH jobs. Among other things, WFH job posts mention more of “sales” and less of “team player”. A final note is that even at its peak, the proportion of WFH job posts constitutes less than 2 percent of total job posts.

Article By Lucas SHEN

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