Chart of the Week November 4, 2022: Trust in Online Privacy and Internet Access in Asian Economies


The growth of the digital economy is often said to be supported by consumer trust in digital platforms, but concerns about online privacy vary among consumers in Asia. Trust in online privacy is relatively lower in countries where citizens use the internet more, and relatively higher in countries where citizens do not go online as much. In other words, greater exposure to the internet appears to be linked to lower trust

Broader cost-benefit calculations may instead underpin the growth of the digital economy by consumers. For example, consumers may see the convenience and inclusivity of online shopping outweighing perceived privacy risks such as data leaks. Digital economy companies may have to recalibrate their growth strategies to leverage this realisation.


  • Among the 10 Asian countries, trust in online privacy is highest in Indonesia, China and India, but lowest in the Philippines, South Korea and Japan.
  • This suggests a negative relationship between trust in online privacy and internet usage, though the causality behind this relationship is unclear.

Article By CHEN Xian An, Kevin

Graphic By Yixuan GE

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