Chart of the Week July 15, 2022: Greater Bay Area Integration: Reallocation of Foreign Direct Investments


The Chinese government officially launched the integration of the Greater Bay Area in 2017, with the aim of building Hong Kong, Macau and nine mainland cities into a competitive urban agglomeration. With the advancement of this strategy, inward FDI flows increased to other GBA cities as well.  Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the recovery in FDI flows to GBA is driven by cities other than Hong Kong.


  • Prior to 2017, FDI to the region was concentrated in Hong Kong. From the perspective of type, most of them are new projects, while there are few co-location, expansion and relocation projects.
  • After 2017, the rapid growth of FDI to cities other than Hong Kong has made the distribution of FDI in the region more balanced, with co-location projects playing a significant role.

Article By Jingwei ZHOU

Graphic By Yixuan GE

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