Chart of the Week June 3, 2022: Vietnam Advances in Technological Infrastructure

Note: The ASEAN-10 average score is standardized as zero; Vietnam’s scores above zero show above-average performance, while scores below zero indicate below-average performance.


In ACI’s ASEAN competitiveness analysis, Vietnam has performed in technological infrastructure competitiveness, leapfrogging from a regional laggard in 2000 to above the ASEAN-10 average in 2018.

This improvement is due to increased invesment in telecommunications infrastructure as well as an increase in internet and mobile subscriptions. Vietnam’s performance in technological infrastructure is expected  to fuel the growth of its digital economy.


  • ACI’s ASEAN Economic Competitiveness Analysis finds that Vietnam now performs above the regional average in  technological infrastructure.
  • This improvement is the result of the high level of investment in telecommunications infrastructure as well as growing internet and mobile subscriptions.

Article By Wee Yang NG

Graphic By Yixuan GE

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