Under the Subnational Competitiveness Webinar Series, ACI conducted a webinar for Lampung province, titled “The Inaugural Provincial Dialogue on the Economy and Development 2020 for Lampung”. The attendees included senior officeholders from various Lampung government agencies, members of Indonesian Employers’ Association (APINDO) of Lampung, and academics from the University of Lampung.

Watch the video to view highlights from the Lampung Provincial Dialogue and download the full webinar report below.

Stakeholders’ Inputs

Business Sector

Mr. Yusuf highlighted that the government’s SEZs planning should take into account the business sectors perspective, suggesting that they should consider the innovativeness of Lampung’s entrepreneurs, who have displayed a high level of innovativeness in developing on-demand products and services despite the unfavourable economic condition during COVID-19. This entrepreneurial spirit, Mr Yusuf said, is the competitive advantage of Lampung.

Government Sector

According to Mr. Hamartoni Ahadis, the head of Regional Planning Development Agency of Lampung, the province has revised its GRDP growth and poverty rate forecast. GRDP growth rate was revised from 5.4-5.7% to 2-3% and poverty rate was expected to increase to 11 – 11.5%. In the longer run, Mr. Hamartoni stated that as part of Lampung’s 5-year plan, covering the period of 2019 – 2024, the government intended to establish special economic zones (SEZs) in Lampung to spur trade and investment in the province.

Academic Sector

Dr. Ayi presented a survey from BPS Lampung, which reported that up to 45% of Lampung’s workforce experienced drops in income levels in 2020. While workers of all sectors experienced a drop in income due to COVID-19, Dr Ayi said that over 70% of the workers in warehouse transport, trading, and construction sectors experienced income reductions. The agricultural sector was one of the few sectors to experience a positive growth. As the sector is also the largest GRDP contributor for the province, Dr Ayi said that it is poised to become the driver of growth during this period.

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