Chart of the Week April 16, 2021: Paving the Way to ASEAN’s Digital Economy


ASEAN currently has the fastest growing internet market with approximately 125,000 new users joining the internet every day. A more integrated approach to the region’s digital economy is estimated to add US$1 trillion to regional GDP by 2025. ASEAN countries have seen both internet users and cellular subscriptions increase in the past decade. This week’s chart explores ASEANs growing digital economy with data from the World Development Indicators.  


  • Myanmar now has 24% of its population with internet access, and more than 1 cellular subscription per capita. There was almost no internet or cellular subscription in 2010. 
  • Most ASEAN countries, with the exception of Laos, now has more than 1 cellular subscription per capita. 
  • The high penetration of internet and mobile networks will facilitate e-commerce in domestic markets and across the borders.  

Article By XIE, Taojun

Graphic By Shu En LEE

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