Palapa Ring Project: Indonesia’s Digitalisation

Indonesia’s overarching goal to expand its basic digital infrastructure first emerged in the 1990s, through the idea of the Palapa Ring project. The project aimed to provide internet access to the entirety of the 34 provinces in the archipelagic nation and was completed recently in 2019. In 2014, the percentage of households in Indonesia with […]

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Challenges and Opportunities in ASEAN’s Digital Economy

Challenges and Opportunities in ASEAN’s Digital Economy

“Digital” The new byword and frontier in economic growth but despite all the buzz and attention, what does it actually mean for the economies of ASEAN? ACI’s recent webinar titled “Challenges and Opportunities in ASEAN’s Digital Economy” hosted on Friday, 24 Sep 2021 tackled this issue in depth. Speakers from ACI and Mr Konesh Kochhal, […]

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Chart of the Week September 10, 2021: Enabling the Digital Economy: – Leapfrogging in Asia’s Infocomm Infrastructure

Summary In Asia, where there is a clear recognition of the benefits of broad digital access, we see that there are signs of rapid technological leapfrogging in Infocomm infrastructure. The Service Penetration Rate of at least LTE/WiMAX mobile networks in Asia has ballooned rapidly in the brief period between 2015 – 2019. In most of […]

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